Student Services

Student Services

Guidance services are offered by the School and available to all students. A primary responsibility of the School is to offer assistance to students so they can utilize their own capabilities and prepare for tests including English language testing.

The staff and faculty welcome the opportunity to assist each student in working out solutions to problems experienced during the course of education.

Students will receive academic advising as necessary to assist them in meeting their educational goals.

Graduate Refresher

Graduates of the School are welcome to return for refresher courses at no cost, provided the classes are in the program from which they graduated and space is available in the classes. This training is offered at the discretion of the Executive Director.

Graduates must pay for any books, fees and supplies used during the refresher training. No credits will be awarded for refresher courses.


The final phase of study for some programs includes an externship experience. The externship allows our students to receive valuable on-the-job training from professionals in their chosen career fields.