Caroline McDougall

Caroline McDougall

According to Caroline McDougall, good psychotherapists, work with individuals, couples and groups. They offer psychotherapy as a solution for many mental health issues, including: anxiety and stress, depression, grief and loss, adjustment disorders, parenting issues, phobias, schizophrenia and substance abuse. A psychotherapist will often work with one to one psychotherapy in a group setting, or in private. A psychotherapist will also work with groups of people who are struggling with various problems that are similar to those that the individual may have.

As a psychotherapist you must have an undergraduate degree in psychology, in order to practice in the United States. Most of the psychotherapists in the United Kingdom have their graduate degrees, because they are allowed to practice by becoming licensed in the United Kingdom. Some other countries do not require a professional degree to practice, but some of these countries do require certification from a recognized agency. A psychotherapist can choose to be certified as either an MPT or PSY. They can also choose to become certified as a behavioural psychotherapist or as a social worker. Certified psychologists are required in some states in the United States in order to treat patients with psychiatric conditions, including bipolar and post traumatic stress disorder.

According to Caroline McDougall, there are many different kinds of psychotherapists including: marriage and family therapists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrist-mental health counselors, psychologists who specialize in one or more areas of psychology, and psychotherapists who are trained in a blend of different specializations in clinical psychology, counseling, education and psychotherapy. A clinical psychologist who specializes in one area of psychology will usually have a master’s degree and most likely a PhD. A psychotherapist with a graduate degree in psychology will typically have an MSW or PsyD. A clinical psychologist, (like a psychiatrist) can also choose to specialize in child and family Studies, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, or social and development psychology. A psychotherapist who is licensed as an MPT can practice in almost every state in the United States as long as the psychotherapist has board certification. Psychotherapy is one of the fastest growing fields in the field of psychology and if you need help that is tailored to your specific needs you should consider working with a qualified, board certified psychotherapist who has experience in working with people in your particular situation.

PTE testing for overseas students

Where Can You Take the PTE Academic?

The Pearson Test of English Academic (often shortened to PTE Academic) is a test that can help an individual to prove their proficiency in the English language to help them to get a visa.

This test is widely accessible and if your English skills are up to scratch, it could help you to get the visa you need to visit Australia, whether it’s for migration, work, or studying purposes. Trusted and recognised by universities and governments around the globe, it’s not hard to see why it can often be a wise idea for an individual to learn more about the test and how it could help them.

Why get the PTE Academic?

With countless different English language tests out there, you may be wondering why the Pearson Test of English Academic is renowned throughout a range of sectors in the AU.

For one, it’s popular for being the most unbiased proof of an individual’s English skills, thanks to the fact that world-class artificial intelligence will grade your results. This makes it fair and secure, which can be a plus point for many of those who need to task a test of this kind. 

Aside from this, there’s also the speed in which you’ll receive your results; often within just 5 business days of taking the test. To improve your chances of getting a good score, you could check out the preparation path to learn what’s in the test (this is often laid out in step by step format), to increase your chances of passing and getting the visa you need.

There are also practice tests that could help you to see how well you are likely to do on the actual test, which could help you to identify any areas that may need improvement.

Where to take the Pearson Test of English Academic?

The PTE Academic is accepted in a number of locations and fortunately for those who want to study in Australia, it’s approved by the Australian government for all student visa and migration applications. The best part is that there are test centres for the Pearson Test of English Academic around the world – so finding one in your area shouldn’t be too much of a difficult task.

In fact, you could simply search on the internet to get an idea of where you could go to take the test, allowing you to find out all the information you need from the comfort of your own home.  

Not only will this give you the chance to see which centres are nearby, it could potentially give you an idea of the fees involved too, so if you want to take the test to prove your grasp of the English language and get the visa you need to migrate, study, or work in Australia; you’re likely to find that there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a try.

Do All Companies Need a Human Resources Department?

Do All Companies Need a Human Resources Department?

The concept of human resources isn’t a new one; in fact, it was first introduced to enterprises well over a century ago. It’s their role to manage disputes, handle employment (including hiring and firing), navigate the complex tunnels associated with personnel operations and much more – but are they really needed for companies of all sizes?

The simplest answer is that it all depends on the activities that go on within the company itself.

It’s not unheard of for companies with an employee count of under 10 to hire these types of specialists to take care of all of the aforementioned factors and more, but generally speaking it’s the larger businesses out there that could stand to benefit. Those with a higher than average amount of transactions, payments via payroll, employee turnover and larger numbers of personnel are the most likely to need to take on these types of services.

What they do in a little more detail

Outside of the traits mentioned above, HR teams will usually also take care of the administrative functionality of a company, address benefits owed to staff, manage training and take care of the direction of personnel for the betterment of the business. This is part of the reason why, as soon as a company expands to enough employees, the owner will often consider taking on an HR agency – either in-house, or opt for the more convenient third party provider instead.

Why third party?

One of the most appealing things about hiring a third party team of specialists is that they will only be needed in increments. Although many companies take on HR specialists all year round, they’ll typically switch them to in-house team members as they’ll be a part of the business. A third party on the other hand will always be separate from the actual financial obligations of the company; meaning that they won’t need to be paid for holiday time or sick days – they’ll simply be expected to perform their task as and when they are needed.

Another benefit of their services is that they can take care of the hiring and firing process in a legally supported way. Many company owners have found themselves facing lawsuits and claims of unfair dismissal when relieving employees of their duties, but with an HR team – the entire process can be handled from a more legally-sound perspective.

Their team will often understand the legalities, policies and protocols associated with hiring and firing. As a result much of the onus can be taken off of the business owner, allowing them to reduce their own stress and pressure.

So, do all companies need these types of services?

If they’d like to spend their time in better ways, save themselves money by negating waste and have their company handled by a team of dedicated experts, then certainly – all companies could stand to benefit from these types of providers.